Jason Greig

Christchurch, New Zealand, b. 1963

Jason Greig studied printmaking under Barry Cleavin and Denise Copland at the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in the early 1980s, graduating with an Honours in Engraving. His practice encompasses painting, drawing, lithography, etching and monoprint, although he is best known for his printmaking. Since 1993, Greig has worked mostly with monoprint, a process that combines the precision and depth of print with the freedom and expressiveness of painting. His work has a dark, gothic aesthetic, influenced partly by Greig’s interest in heavy metal music (he is a member of Christchurch metal band Into the Void, with fellow artist Ronnie van Hout). Greig’s work is characterised by technically precise figure drawing accompanied by dramatic chiaroscuro, creating a sense of drama, tension and foreboding. Common themes in his practice are religion, mythology and the supernatural.

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The Cleaners



200mm x 265mm

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