Invitation to Consign

Invitation to Consign

Bowerbank Ninow are pleased to be entering our fourth calendar year of operation. After a strong year of sales in 2017, in which we averaged a 75% sell-through rate, the year ahead promises to be an exciting one, as we are increasing our auction program from three to five sales. As has become traditional, our first scheduled sale of 2018, Auction N˚8, will be focused on photography. Entries are now invited for Auction N˚8 and also for any of our other upcoming auctions, which will cover a range of media including paintings, sculpture and works on paper.

Auction N˚8 will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28. The lineup of early entries this year is the best that we have ever had for a photography sale, which promises to be something special. Notable early consignments for Auction N˚8 thus far include works by Minerva Betts, Brian Brake, Glen Busch, Marti Friedlander, Gil Hanly, Tom Hutchins, Ian MacDonald, Anne Noble, Max Oettli, Fiona Pardington, Yvonne Todd, Theo Schoon and Gordon Walters. There will also be a section of pre-1920 photographic works that will be of interest to collectors of historical and vintage prints.

Amongst the works already consigned are a series of four signed vintage photographs by Theo Schoon, from the collection of a friend and colleague of the artist. These include a number of his instantly recognizable images of mud pools and a unique photogram created by painting on a glass plate. Schoon’s interest in the intersection between modernist abstraction and biomorphic natural forms is evident in these works. Schoon’s project of combining traditional motifs and techniques with the disciplined approach of the modernist school was on the cutting edge of the avant-garde in the mid-20th century, and remains resonant to this day.

Peter Peryer’s iconic Erika series is a landmark in New Zealand portrait photography, a series of psychologically rich and emotionally charged images that reward repeat viewings and have come to be seen as amongst the photographer’s best works. This image, from 1977, is an unusually large-scale work and a wonderful example of the series. This image has not previously been offered at auction, having come directly from a private collection in Dunedin.

We are very lucky to have in the sale two rare photographs by Gordon Walters. These images were used by the artist as part of his personal documentation, and were printed by him in his home darkroom. These images offer a fascinating glimpse into Walters’ studio process and the mechanics of reproducing images in the pre-digital era, and are also beautifully composed works in their own right.

Although best known for her evocative and unsettling portraiture, Yvonne Todd’s photographic practice encompasses a range of subjects, including, in the case of Gortha, landscape. This image, part of the 2003 exhibition The Book of Martha, repositions a traditional depiction of the New Zealand landscape as a faded, picture-postcard facsimile of itself, a dusty remnant as remote from contemporary life as the 1970s fashions that adorn Todd’s models.

Also included in the sale is a copy of Glen Busch’s 1974 portfolio Five Photographs. This is a remarkably complete set of these classic images, including the original box, title card insert and mattes, from a private Auckland-based collector. The images themselves are nuanced depictions of 1970s New Zealand, where globalization was gradually beginning to impinge on the static postwar cultural milieu.

Auction N˚8, and our other sales in 2018, will continue our policy of paying a voluntary resale royalty of 2.5% of the hammer price to any living New Zealand artist whose works we sell at auction. This royalty is funded by the proceeds of our buyer’s premium, and thus does not result in any additional cost for either the buyer or seller of the work. We are the first and only art business in New Zealand to institute such a policy.

Entries for Auction N˚8 close at the end of February. To discuss the placement of artworks into Auction N˚8, or any other future auctions, please contact Charles Ninow or Simon Bowerbank.