Andrew McLeod

Auckland, New Zealand, b. 1976

Andrew McLeod’s practice includes painting, digital image-making, and the production of artist’s books. His work operates in a space between collage, sampling and surrealist juxtaposition, sifting through the ever-increasing detritus of visual culture in order to assemble his own personal artistic vernacular. McLeod’s works often make reference to European art history, particularly currently-unfashionable movements such as neo-classicism or the pre-raphaelites, but he is equally as likely to sample from magazine illustrations, scientific diagrams or architectural drawings. McLeod’s non-figurative works are equally rooted in art history, engaging with the historical tradition of abstraction in a sideways, orthogonal manner: his abstractions are often presented in tongue-in-cheek ornate frames, as if to emphasise their status as “serious” art objects. McLeod is a graduate of the University of Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Art. As well as making art, McLeod plays in the band Evil Ocean. He lives and works in Mount Eden, Auckland.

Auction Results

Doomsday Divinity Mother


acrylic and ink on paper

295mm x 420mm

Achieved $2,300



screenprint and acrylic on linen

200mm x 225mm

Estimate $1,500 - $2,500

Ruler [4th level]


pigmented inkjet print, edition 1/2

1170mm x 830mm

Achieved $6,306.56

Men print in blue


pigmented inkjet print, edition 1/1

450mm x 610mm

Estimate $2,500 - $3,500